Cheese and Wine Pairing of the Week - 14/3/19

Cheese and Wine Pairing of the Week - 14/3/19

It’s around this time of year where we get to attend trade tastings and discover new wines taken on by our suppliers alongside new vintages of our old favourites. So we’ve been busy getting a lot of new and exciting wines in our shop! Some of you may already be familiar with our New Wines collection on our website – it’s where we put all of our newest, hottest wines! We’ve also come up with a Spring Collection, where we’ve put in a lot of wines that we think are perfect for this time of year. You’ll find a lot of Organic wines (including Proseccos!), a lot of elegant rosés, and some delicious whites and reds, as you’d expect!

Seeing as we’ve taken on so many new wines and cheeses this week, we’d like to start highlighting some of our new favourites! So each week (hopefully) we’re aiming to go in depth on our “Wine of the Week” – and why it pairs so well with our “Cheese of the Week.” Remember, all wines mentioned are for sale on our website, and will be linked. Cheese sadly doesn’t ship as easily, and is only available from our store on Annfield Row.

This week’s Wine of the Week is a deliciously smooth Pinot Nero, or Pinot Noir from Italy. Castel del Lupo Pinot Nero ‘Della Quercia’ is an organic wine from Lombardy in the north of Italy. This region is known around the world as a fashion capital thanks to Milan, and its proximity to Lake Como makes this region synonymous with luxury and quality. So it’s no surprise that they’re producing such fabulous wines!

What is surprising is the price! Despite the organic grapes being harvested by hand, this Pinot Nero is only £10.99, and punches well above its weight. The Pinot Noir vines are organically-grown in a combination of chalk, clay and silt soils on the rolling hills of  Oltrepo Pavese. These conditions produce pronounced, warm, ripe, black-fruited, spicy and complex aromas in the wine. Due to the colder climate, the wine is high in acidity, which offsets the ripe wild plum and bramble fruit and the palate combines concentration, delicacy and structure. This acidity also lends itself to be a great food wine, and we love it paired with one of our new cheeses – Innes Brick!

Innes Brick is made by Joe Bennet in Staffordshire with the  milk of his own mixed herd of Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine and Golden Guernsey goats. This gives the cheese its signature flavours of delicate, milky hazelnuts with a slight sweetness. The acidity of the Pinot Noir cuts through the sumptuous fattiness of this cheese, making them a match made in heaven! Innes Brick is on sale from our shop at £11 per brick, or £6 for a half!

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