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Chilean Wine Tasting - Pay at Door


Due to its diversity in terroir, weather, and wine making styles, Chile is such an up and coming area in wine. Forget what you know about Chilean "table wines" and come along and try our range!!

When: Thursday 20th of September, 19:00-21:00
Where: At the Aitken Wine’s Warehouse!
Tickets: £15/person

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Built back in 1874 on the same foundations of quality, service and value for money that we still follow today, we source and buy wines from every wine-making region around the world. From the great vineyards of Bordeaux, through the majestic Italy, to the rising stars of Europe and the New World.

We talk face-to-face with the winemakers and we buy from them with one aim in mind - to find the best wines at the best prices for our customers.

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