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Wine Styles

Light Bodied: Light-bodied wines are delicate and lean. Think of the weight of water in your mouth.

Medium Bodied: Medium-bodied wines fall somewhere in between! Think of the weight of milk in your mouth.

Full Bodied: Full-bodied wines are big and powerful. Think of the weight of cream in your mouth.

Aromatic: Aromatic wines are defined by dominant floral or delicate fruit aromas. If you stop to smell the daisies you’ll love aromatic wines.

Black Fruits: Black cherries, black plums, blackberries. Wines that have black fruit aromas tend to be fuller bodied and richer

Citrus: If you get lemons, limes, oranges, or any other citrus fruit on the nose!

Crisp: Crisp wines are likely to not be overly complex in their flavours, but are very refreshing on a hot summer's day!

Dry: Less residual sugar is found in the wine. Wines can be fruity and juicy, but still dry!

Easy Drinking: These wines do go well with food - or by the glass on their own. They're usually not too complex or over powering (or just very tasty!)

Elegant: These wines can usually benefit from aging. They're often restrained - not too "in your face" with flavours or body.

Flinty: Steely, or struck match aromas. Often found in Loire or Burgundian whites.

Floral: Roses, Parma Violets, Elderflower, Honey Suckle, Blossoms. You get a whole different meaning to a wine's "bouquet" if you detect flowers on the nose! 

Fresh: Clean, simple wines tend to be fresh. They're the kind of wines you want after a hot afternoon in the garden.

Fruit Forward: Any wine that smacks of raspberries or gooseberries or any fruit before any other aromas else is fruit forward! 

Herbaceaous: If you get thyme or cut grass your wine is probably herbaceous. These wines will be great with food, just don't confuse it with vegetal - which are unpleasant aromas in wine! 

Malo-lactic Fermentation: The conversion of Malic acid into Lactic acid. Simply put - turning sharp apple flavours into creamy dairy flavours. Most commonly seen in Chardonnays.

Minerality: Think of a hot pavement after a quick rain - that 'petichor' aroma can often be found in wine!

Off-Dry: These wines have a little more sugar than dry wines - but not so much that they are as sweet as dessert wines. 

Red Fruits: Red cherries, red plums, raspberries or strawberries, etc. These wines tend to be a little lighter in body, and more fruity!

Savoury: These wines may have a slight "meatiness" to them. It's common in Pinot Noir, or older wines, and they are crying out for a charcuterie or cheese board!

Soft: Lighter red wines which have little to no tannins tend to be soft. They sometimes need a sharp chedder or blue cheese to help bring out their best flavours

Spice: Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, or any baking spice! Many spicy flavours in red wines can come from aging in oak, however some white wines like Gewürztraminer can have a natural bit of spice too

Tropical Fruits: Fruits we can't grow easily in the UK! Guava, passion fruits, etc

Vanilla: Wines with vanilla aromatics tend to be oaked, and are smooth and rich!



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