Christmas Dinner & Wine Pairing

Christmas Dinner & Wine Pairing

Wine and food pairing can be a tricky business and it doesn't always have to be white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. Here are a few of our top tips for pairing your Christmas dinner this year. As always, just get in touch if you'd like a personal food pairing for your Christmas menu.


Crisp, fresh whites are usually the go to style. Why not try a Loire White or a Picpoul? If you're going for Sauvignon Blanc then we'd opt for a more restrained old world style rather than a heavily aromatic new world which might overpower the dish.

Christmas Roast

Your classic Christmas roast will pair beautifully with a wide range of wines. If you're going for a white wine then we'd recommend something with a bit more body such as an oaked Chardonnay. Soft, fruity reds make for a great pairing. Why not try a Valpolicella or a Pinot Noir?


Sweet food calls for a sweet wine. Your traditional Christmas pudding goes fantastically with Vin Santo or a sweet sherry such as a Pedro Ximenez with all those dried fruit flavours. If a fruity cheesecake or trifle is more your thing then why not try a dessert wine such as Sauternes or Muscat which have notes of honey and sweet citrus.

Cheese Board

Cheese and wine, like fish and chips or Ant and Dec, some things just go together. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing but you can't go wrong with a good Port. Alternatively if you've got any of that fruity red left from your main course then don't let it go to waste and try it with some cheese!