Self-Pour Wines!

Self-Pour Wines!

We're really excited to announce we've got a fun new bit of kit to play with. Our Lindr system is a great piece of Czech engineering which allows us to have a self pour station in our new premises on Hawkhill Court. 

It's so easy to use! Simply grab one of our labelled bottles (£1 each - but you get to keep it and bring it back again and again!) hold it under your desired tap, pull the lever and pour!

Current wines on tap from 21/8/2020

We have a red, a white, and a rose on offer, and the best part is that they are all served at perfect drinking temperature, so you can crack open a bottle as soon as you get home rather than having to (patiently) wait to chill your wines.

One of us will always be on hand to talk you through it - and for now we're asking you not to bring your own bottles from home, as the bottles we supply adhere to the Weights and Measures Scotland Act.