Stars of the Christmas Tasting!

Stars of the Christmas Tasting!

It's been nearly a week since our Christmas tastings, where we opened our doors to over 75 thirsty customers who were keen to try our selection of festive wines!

As we are very much cork dorks over here, we've tallied up the orders and sales to highlight the top-selling wines from the day! So if you're stuck on what to have over Christmas or what to give Uncle Jim the next time you're invited round - have a look through what our customers think are the bees knees!

5th place!

Kaiken Ultra Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina £14.99)
This is a step up from The Wine Press' best selling red Kaiken Classico, and we can see why it was one of our top 5 most popular wines from the tasting.
It is deep ruby red in colour, with purple tones and a wonderful display of rich aromas. The nose is enticing and spicy with black fruit aromas and floral notes. Good structure and soft tannins lead to a finish that is fresh, complex and long, with fruit notes and subtle undertones of rosemary, thyme, and dry flowers.
A great wine to have over Christmas Eve, relaxing before the big day!

4th place!

Te Merio Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand £9.99)
We couldn't have a tasting without the wine of the moment - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc! When we saw this bottle we hoped that the wine would stand up to the label - and we're happy to report it does! Our 4th best selling wine from the tasting is a classically aromatic Marlborough Sauv. Blanc with a gently maritime tang of minerality. It’s full of texture and breadth with zesty citrus and white stone fruits. Luscious gooseberry aromas follow through into the palate where it explodes with a full on citrus zing that is balanced by fantastic texture and weight. The finish is clean, crisp and refreshing.

3rd Place!

Pas d'Histoires Rouge (Languedoc, France £10.99)

We recently tried this wine's sister white at a tasting and it went down a treat - so we're glad the the red got the following we expected! Pas d'Histoires is basically the French "Hakuna Matata." So forget the troubles of yesterday and crack open a bottle of this fresh, juicy Rhône Blend from the Languedoc-Roussillon.
Pas d'Histoires Rouge has a nice fresh nose of red fruits and berries. The mouthfeel is light with with no tannins, which make it easy drinking and food friendly. The grapes have had no oak treatment so they retain their freshness and fruitiness! 

2nd place!

Burgerspital Silvaner (Franken, Germany £9.99)

Another wine we're incredibly happy captured the imagination of our Sunday crowd. Following our recent trip to Germany we imported a pallet of Burgerspital wines, and decided that this would be a good starter wine for our Sunday tasting.
Stunning texture, reminiscent of high quality Burgundy whites at a fraction of the price. White stone fruits, great minerality, slight floral notes of orange blossom, and a full, rounded finish.



Star of the show!
Our number one best seller....

Lucha Rocosa Carignan (Valle Central, Chile £8.99)

An unusual choice, some might say, but we think this wine punches well above it's weight at the sub £9 mark. Most Carignans are great with food due to their savoury nature, but this wine is well balanced with refreshing fruitiness, which we think bumped it to our number one spot on the list!

Obviously, we love all the wines we buy in (otherwise we wouldn't buy them in!) however, sometimes the popular wines are different from what we predicted. So cheers to you all and your wonderfully diverse favourites from the list on Sunday. Remember, we do mini tastings all the time in December, so check out our Events page to keep up to speed with what we're up to. Alternatively, you can join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new tasting announcements and products.