Why we're doing #Veganuary

Why we're doing #Veganuary

One question which regularly comes up in our shop is

"Where are your vegan wines?"

And, truth be told, that was sometimes difficult to answer. Some wine makers don't make it very easy to find out if a wine is vegan, organic, low in sulphur etc. but now - WE have! All of our wines in store will soon have these labels, showing which are vegan/veggie/organic/biodynamic/natural/low or no sulphur so that you can make a more informed decision about which wine is right for you - especially those of you in the midst of #Veganuary 🌱 Meanwhile these items are easier to find on our website. 
List of Vegan Wines
List of Vegetarian Wines
List of Biodynamic Wines
List of Organic Wines

Why should you do Veganuary (from a wine point of view)

We believe that the Vegan wine scene is actually a little bit more forgiving than the vegan food scene! Far more wines are vegan than we ever would have expected from our research into our wines. Basically, you should do Veganuary because it means you don't have to give up your favourite tipple!!