Wines of the Month - "Organic" October

Wines of the Month - "Organic" October

October already? We’ve certainly got a lot on this month that we’re excited to share with you!

After numerous requests we’ve decided to launch a seasonal 12 bottle box. We’ve used our years of experience to put together a case which we think has wines which represent the best parts of autumn. You can find a link here if you’re interested to discover more about the boxes. The best part is, they’re only £99, down from an RSP of £112.88! Perfect for dinner parties, presents, or stocking that wine rack.

We’re really pleased by the number of people who seem to have taken an interest in our newsletters (sign up here) and our blog. One of our aims as a company is to encourage people to try new things, either based on what they like, or something totally different! So we’ve decided that the best way to do this is to have some wines open in store every week for you to try – free of charge – and no pressure to buy (or even swallow if you’re driving – there will be spittoon handy!) Our wines of the week will be kicking off with:

Ca di Rajo Sauvignon Blanc
Italian Sauvignon Blanc isn't always the most popular, but we believe that this is a great representation of the grape. A little dash of Turbiana and Chardonnay give it a great, complex body, while remaining fresh and vibrant.

Ca di Rajo Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is often used in a blend; it's quite unusual to find it as a single varietal! We enjoyed it so much that we actually put this on our newest Wine Press list. It's fruity, yet herbaceous, which makes it a great food wine.

So we'll have both of these open for you to try at the weekend.

And on a more sombre note, some of you may have heard of this little thing that puts the fear into the hearts of many a wine merchant – Sober October… In fact, recent studies show that 1 in 4 people are actually tee-totallers – and props to you if you are!

We however are slightly less strong willed over here, so for those of you who can relate we’ve come up with a compromise to Sober October. Organic October! Keep drinking (responsibly please!) and do your small bit for our planet by choosing organic wine. Our Wines of the Month are both Organic, but if you want to see our full range of nature-friendly wines please click here. There’s loads of reasons to go organic, some of which you’ll find in this previous blog about sulphites.

Da Vero Biologico White IGT Terre Siciliane, Italy (Organic) 2017
The Catarratto grapes are sourced from the north-west corner of Sicily. Bright, appealing aromas of citrus and fennel. The palate is fresh and incisive with more citrus notes, hints of ripe stone fruit and crisp acidity.

Ontañón Ecológico Rioja, Spain (Organic) 2016
Bright cherry and raspberry aromas balanced by sweet spice. The palate is structured with complex, ripe red fruit, clove and black pepper characters. Poised and well-balanced with fresh acidity and a touch of mocha on the long finish.

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