Teliani Valley Winery 97 Kakhuri No8, Amber Wine

  • Teliani Valley Winery 97 Kakhuri No8, Amber Wine
  • Teliani Valley Winery 97 Kakhuri No8, Amber Wine

Teliani Valley Winery 97 Kakhuri No8, Amber Wine


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Grape Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Kisi, White Blend
Style Dry, Amber (due to Skin Contact), Medium Bodied, Nutty, Dried Fruit, Rich, Textured
Country Georgia
Region Kakheti
Volume 75cl
ABV 12.5%
Dietary Vegetarian, Vegan


Experience the unique blend of four unpronounceable varieties in Teliani Valley Winery's 97 Kakhuri No8 Amber Wine. Indulge in the rich dried fruit and nutty flavours, with a long, refreshing finish. Serve cool for the ultimate pairing with fish and cheese dishes. Don't chill too much, or you risk losing the exquisite flavours.

Teliani Valley Kakhuri No8 is also currently available by the glass in The Wine Press, Dundee's finest Wine Bar.

Critic Review

Decanter Magazine: 92Pts (2019 Vintage)
Drinking Window: 2023 - 2025

"A blend of Rkatsiteli with three other Kakhetian whites, this pale-amber wine is in a lighter style with floral and herb notes to the nose and hints of tea. A good introduction to the chords of qvevri-made wines, it’s accessible, with soft tannins and a cleansing dry finish."
Carla Capalbo 16.5Pts
Drinking Window: 
2022 - 2024

"Deep honey gold. Clear and bright. Smells like honey-dipped orange slices (peel and all) dipped in cinnamon and nutmeg. Bone dry and strong tannins (for a white). This is just like a slice of rustic buckwheat toast with bitter marmalade. Plenty of acidity, and all of it firmly linear, as if the wine comes with its acidity drawn in parallel lines through the fruit with a ruler. Incredible determination and purity. Pecan and walnut chew, bitter oranges, and a sour floral note that has a citrus-oil fragrance. It finishes quite abruptly, but delivers so much before that point that it doesn’t really matter."
Tamlyn Currin

About the Producer

There has been a winery in the village since the 1800s and to ensure that this long history of winemaking continued, Teliani Valley was established in the 1990s by a group of enthusiastic young winemakers. Originally a converted car workshop was their home, but with their tremendous vineyards and skill for making quality wines, they have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the biggest producers in Georgia, with annual production of 5 million bottles.

Although their roots go back years and their connection with traditional winemaking is still strong, Teliani Valley today attracts and supports the most exciting winemakers in Georgia. Their team of innovative winemakers who are given the time, equipment, fruit and support they need to create really exciting modern style wines, and we think that is evident in the selection we have here.

Vineyard and Winery

Kakhuri N8 is a blend of 4 Georgian indigenous grape varieties – Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Kisi, harvested in Kakheti, east Georgia. Grapes are exclusively hand selected and only the highest quality, fully ripe grapes are used for production. The wine is made using old Kakhetian traditional winemaking method with skin contact. Fermentation on skins takes place for 7-10 days, once the fermentation is finished the grape skins remain with the wine for 6 months.