Crafty Distillery, 24Seven Vodka

  • Crafty Distillery, 24Seven Vodka
  • Crafty Distillery, 24Seven Vodka

Crafty Distillery, 24Seven Vodka


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Spirit Vodka
Style Wheat Vodka
Where's it from? Galloway, Scotland
Volume 70cl
ABV 40%
Garnish Simply serve straight from the freezer or over ice.

Crafty Distillery - 24Seven Vodka is produced with local Galloway wheat and water through a seven day fermentation process, creating a vodka of maximum character and mouth feel.

Multiple distillations are followed by a 24 hour filtration process through the most porous of carbons, coconut shell carbon. This crafts a spirit of exceptional purity and taste.

About the Producer

Crafty Distillery is a highly awarded Scottish Distillery known for dedication to innovation and quality.

The modern distillery was designed to deliver a modern grain to glass set up which would allow for the creation of any spirit they turn their hand to, also to create an inspiring and unique home to celebrate their products and the region that drives their character.

Founded in 2017 by Graham Taylor, Crafty Distillery has earned a reputation for delivering big on quality and taste. Creative thinking and hard work sit at the core of what it takes to deliver on the promise of ‘craft’.

Built by his father Billy, the unique and modern distillery, is like no other. Set on a hillside with far reaching views to the Galloway Hills, the cozy and inviting tasting room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy this range of tasty spirits. Every year over 25,000 visitors visit to learn the secrets of the process.