Borsao Selección Blanco

  • Borsao Selección Blanco
  • Borsao Selección Blanco

Borsao Selección Blanco


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Borsao Blanco has a stone fruit and limey citrus aroma with tropical characters Lightly creamy mouth-feel from the well integrated oak and a bright, clean finish.

 Perfect with creamy chicken dishes or grilled fish.

Grape Macabeo, Chardonnay, White Blend
Style Dry, White, Medium Bodied, Textural, Tropical Fruits, Oak Aging
Country Spain
Region Campo de Borja
Volume 75cl
ABV 13.5%
Dietary Sustainable

About the Region and Producer

Campo de Borja is a highly promising Spanish DO wine sub-region in the mildly hilly plains near the town of Borja in the North East of Spain.  The wines are generally Red and full-flavoured if relatively high in alcohol.  This relatively high alcohol is due to the high sugar ripeness caused by the intense sunshine.  Campo de Borja is one of the most arid parts of the country and the, just under 7000 hectares of low-yielding bush-vine planted vineyards, consist largely of Garnacha vines.  The red wines from this Region are often dry, intense, and heady and feel like they transport you to a wonderful land of sunshine and warmth (An always highly desirable trait when you are stuck in Dundee!)  The Borsao Borja co-operative has been a huge influence on the revolutionising of the region since the early 2000s with their young, beautifully fruit forward wines.  A multi award-winning Co-operative Borsao has developed a large following both in the UK and elsewhere and paved the way for a great future in this Denominacion de Origen.

The Borsao Winery is formed of three Co-operatives which came together in 2001.  It was originally started as one smaller organisation back in 1959 but this happy joining together of three forward thinking Co-operatives in the Region of Campo de Borja, has meant that today we are able to supply you with fantastic wines from a lesser known but easily championed region of Spain.

The grapes for the wines are sourced from close to 400 member growers all across the region.  These vineyards lie in the undulating foothills of the Moncayo mountains and are mostly between 350m to 800m above sea level.

The climate here is almost desert like with very hot dry days, and significantly cooler nights.  This temperature change allows for acidity levels to be maintained in the grapes -meaning the wines can, and more-often-than-not do offer a desirable freshness.  These conditions are perfect for Garnacha which accounts for well over 50% of the total production.  The Moncayo Mountain Range is freshened by a cooling, drying wind called The Cierzo which sweeps across the vineyards reducing the humidity.  This lack of humidity makes for healthier vines producing grapes which can be picked at full maturity and flavour ripeness.

Not only do Borsao make every effort to help their growers farm with Sustainable and Organic methods, they also endeavour to make their wines in a Sustainable way.  The Borsao Winery's new cellar is well insulated to reduce the need for cooling systems and to minimise energy consumption; all areas are equipped with automatic LED lighting; all of the bottling lines are designed with noise reduction in mind.  All hot water installations are solar powered; the greater part of the electricity used for illumination is produced by solar panels; and every single drop of rain water from the huge roof is collected and recycled.  Any new offices in the pipeline will also be equipped with solar panels and myriad energy saving mechanisms.

Since 2020 Borsao have held Eco-Prowine certification which measures and evaluates the impact of their operations and use of eco-innovative technologies to reduce their water, energy and economic footprints, and impact on the air water and soil of the environment. Re-certification also stipulates continuous improvement in these areas.

Borsao are recognised for their quality across all price points.  Outstanding examples are available from the delicious entry level Selección range all the way up to their multi award winning Tres Picos.

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