Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry

  • Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry
  • Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry

Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry


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Grape Palomino Fino
Style Dry, Fortified, Sherry, Complex, Full Bodied, Intense, Nutty, Dried Fruit, Toast
Country Spain
Region Jerez de la Frontera
Volume 37.5cl
ABV 18%
Dietary None


Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry is bright golden amber in colour, the nose is intense recalling dried apricots and toast from the wine’s tender years under flor. Aged 12 years and 100% Palomino, the palate is structured, bright and energetic with layers of flavours including walnuts and salted caramel, without sweetness. The finish is long and complex with tobacco at the end.

A serving suggestion for Diatomists, Amontillado Sherry is to have it slightly chilled with charcuterie, cheese or with game.

Critic Review

Decanter Magazine: 93Pts

"The innovative Diatomists team works with selected growers in Jerez, putting as much emphasis on terroir as the solera system in the production of their Sherries. Their excellent range includes this vibrant Amontillado, bursting with salty, richly savoury aromas, with layers of roasted nuts, dried apricots, dried orange peel and ripe lemon. Intense, rich palate that unfurls with impressive depth of flavour and persistence; rich and rounded savoury tones, cut through with electric acidity for a bone-dry, lip-smacking saline finish. Super!"
Julie Sheppard

About the Producer

Founded by three friends - Antonio from Jerez, George from Oxford, and Tommy from Barcelona - who share a passion for wine produced in the Appellation of Jerez and have over 20 years combined experience in the wine trade, the Diatomists team explore every corner of this southernmost point of Andalucia in search of winemakers committed to excellence.

Jerez was one of the first wine growing regions in Spain to distinguish their wines through the provenance of the grapes. However, in the second half of the 20th century all the focus went to the bodega and the solera system, with local enologists claiming that the identity of the soil and grapes became unrecognisable following maturation in bota (barrel). Today things are changing, a new wave of winemakers are determined to put the soil and the fruit back in the spotlight, producing wine that clearly reflects the vines’ terroir alongside the solera in which it matured: wine that proves that whilst quality and consistency are achieved through the bodega, excellence is in the soil.

Antonio, George and Tommy love fresh, floral and fruit driven wine. All their biologically aged wine can be traced back to the soil where the grapes were grown. The barrel-aged range is made up of carefully selected botas chosen for their freshness in harmony with oxidative flavours. Their stated aim is to select, ship and share fresh white wine with abundant fruit, complimented either by the flor, in the case of biologically aged wines, or the bota, from the barrel-aged range. 

They believe in the creation of a sustainable business that understands growth can only come about through appropriate care for the environment. At all levels, they implement a sense of perspective and look to give as much as they receive. The mission is to work with local businesses, use sustainable materials and to promote and work with those who are taking positive and conscientious environmental decisions.  

The solera system put the region on the map, and now Diatomists are here to prove that unique exceptional soil produces unique exceptional wine.

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