Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin

  • Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin
  • Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin
  • Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin

Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup Gin


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Spirit Gin
Style Sweet, Mulled Spices, Orange
Where's it from? Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland
Volume 70cl
ABV 37.5%
Pairing/Garnish On the rocks, in a hip flask, or with Ginger Ale!


Gin Bothy's Stirrup Cup is infused with fresh Scottish apples, local honey, ginger and our classic hedgerow flower, gorse.

Named after the Stirrup Cup known as a "Parting Cup", it was offered to friends before they travel or ride and was also the shot golfers traditionally took at each hole.

About the Producer

Starting out as farm buildings, crofts and, in The Gin Bothy's case, a smiddy - or blacksmith’s forge - Scotland’s bothies have long had a deep connection with the land.

Over the years, these welcoming shelters in the wilderness are where people have huddled before a hastily-lit fire, sharing songs, stories and recipes. And, of course, passing round a wee nip.

Fitting then that in this multi award winning bothy they hand batch their spirits. All of the Gin Bothy gin's originate from a small distillery in the Angus Glens. Created in small batches of 300 bottles per distillation in a 200 litre traditional copper still, the Gin Bothy hand-turns and hand-batches as part of its production process.

"Gin Bothy is all about reconnecting with our past. The principle of respect – for mountain, river and farm – is ingrained in our work and shines through in the products we’re proud to make. When I first launched Gin Bothy, it was about making the most of what the land had to offer. It was simple really: surplus fresh berry juice from my jam-making operation was not going to waste. I experimented, infusing gin with the fruit juice. The Gin Bothy was born. Today our gins are appreciated by customers who, as they first put bottle to glass, are sealing their own connection with the Scottish glens. We invite you to take a journey with us through the hills. And, every now and then, to take a pause and enjoy a taste that blends past and present; that echoes down the generations."
Kim Cameron
Founder, Gin Bothy