Strange Bru Fernao Pires, Western Cape

  • Strange Bru Fernao Pires, Western Cape
  • Strange Bru Fernao Pires, Western Cape

Strange Bru Fernao Pires, Western Cape


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Grape Fernao Pires
Style Dry, White, Medium Bodied, Minerality, Stone Fruits, Textural 
Country South Africa
Region Wine of Origin Worcester
Volume 75cl
ABV 13%
Dietary Vegetarian, VeganSustainable


Experience the expressive aromas of Strange Bru Fernao Pires from Western Cape. This crisp and appetising wine boasts ripe stone fruit flavours and a clean finish. Perfectly paired with coconut infused curry, fish with mango salad, or pan roasted chicken. A refreshing and vibrant, as well as wonderfully different choice, for any occasion.

We weren't incredibly sure about this wine when we bought it in. It looked the part, it came with strong recommendations, but it sounded a little weird. A sherry grape - from South Africa!? Bizarre. However, we tried it, and we loved it!!

About the Producer

What’s this then? SKU is a casual band of happy ferments. A circus tent of the Cape’s stranger grapes and blends.

They champion the unfashionable, experiment with the known and express the found before it gets lost. Mistakes are likely, fun certain.

Welcome to Strange Kompanjie, a Kultivar Club for the Underdog.

Vineyard and Winery

Of the last blocks of Fernao left in the Cape this is the oldest at 35 years old. In Portugal the variety is also known as Maria Gomes and was introduced in South Africa primarily for brandy production but fell out of favour. Which is where we all come in. Before we lose ‘em let’s use ‘em. Rock-star winemakers are sniffing around this block now which is good for its future but here is an accessibly-priced expression of the loveliness of the Found before it gets Lost.