Tayport Distillery Malt Barley Vodka

  • Tayport Distillery Malt Barley Vodka
  • Tayport Distillery Malt Barley Vodka
  • Tayport Distillery Malt Barley Vodka

Tayport Distillery Malt Barley Vodka


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Spirit Vodka
Style Smooth, characterful, Gently Textured, Exceptional
Where's it from? Tayport, Fife, Scotland
Volume 50cl
ABV 40%
Garnish Mixer of choice or neat from the Freezer!


The Malted Barley Vodka from Tayport Distillery is an award-winning artisan Scottish vodka which has been voted as being amongst the best vodkas in the world by industry experts. The vodka combines the finest Scottish malted barley from a small farm in East Lothian with water which is collected and refined from the Lomond Hills.

Multi-award winning Vodka with Gold in 2020 at the IWSC.  Top 10 Vodka according to a cross-country judging panel and recognised by Forbes Magazine.  Great Taste award 2022.  Also a Global Vodka Master for 2022 according to The Spirits Business. 

About the Producer

Tayport Distillery are a family business dedicated to making spirits using delicious fruit and grains grown by local farmers. Situated in a wonderful location by the River Tay and on the edge of Tentsmuir forest, they are committed to creating a sustainable business and supporting the community.

They have always been open-minded in the spirits they produce. Making Scotland's first Eau de Vie to showcase the amazing fruit on their doorstep, to producing a vodka made with Scottish Malt Barley rather than potato or wheat... It is their belief that experimentation and exploration of local flavours has given them a unique insight into producing premium products.

They deliberately invested in the most modern and innovative 500L still to make their spirits. Traditional spirits such as Gin and Vodka made to old recipes can be produced to the highest quality using this technology. Their spirits have been recognised by the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), Vodka Masters and at the Great Taste Awards.

The distillery has grown organically into a multi-award winning business with a range of spirits and liqueurs. During that time, they have consistently looked for solutions to become more sustainable by:

- Using surplus fruit that would go to waste.

- Disposing of the spent grain to an anaerobic digester which is converted into gas for Tayport.

- Installing a more effcient cooling system into the distillation process.

- Reducing the plastic within the packaging for bottles and in deliveries.

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