Welcome to our NEW Website!

Welcome to our NEW Website!

Hello and welcome to our brand new website!!

We’ve taken all our years of experience and applied it to this website in an attempt to take some of the complexity (and snobbery!) out of wine buying.
We’ve tried to make it very simple - If you know what you fancy, for example, a red wine from France (great choice) all you need to do is go to our home page by clicking our logo in the top left-hand corner, and search “France, Red” and our selection will appear! The same applies if you know the name of the grape or the name of the wine.

If you’re not so sure, or just fancy a little browse, you can use our handy Wine Buying Guide. We’ve taken some common wine descriptors and broken them down to be less bewildering. So… if you like a fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc, search for “Fruit Forward” and there you’ll find a selection of wines which might appeal to your palette. This guide is also useful if you’re not sure what terms like “Minerality” or “Full Bodied” mean in a wine.

We’ve also made it really easy to find our Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, and Biodynamic wines. Just check out our collections page! We also have put together a collection of the wines we’ve got down at The Wine Press, so if you had a wee glass of something lovely there, you can find it on our website!

We hope you have as much fun exploring our new website as we’ve had making it.

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to Alex and his team at zenelements for working so closely with us and helping us to develop a website we’re really proud of. Without his input, we’d have nowhere to share our knowledge (and wine!)

Aitken Wines